Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrap You in my LOVE...

A few months a go I made a crib-sized quilt for my baby niece. My daughter, who is five, would get up every morning and wrap herself in it, and say "mine" with a little smile. So, I decided to work on a quilt for her Christmas present. I was up many a late night, and enjoyed every moment of making it. And she loves it so much!

I used a wool blend felt for the flower appliques...

Mama and baby owlies...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mash (little headed ladies and more...)

Dang! It has been a minute since I have sat my butt down here at the computer to write a CraftMobb post. My apologies! Chrismas had me crazy, I was doin' craft shows, and making presents, working my 40 hr a week desk job, and being a mommy and daddy to my 5 year old. WHEW!

These are a few of the items I made over the last month...

This hood is 100% wool! It's made from soft delicious (and pricey) yarn that I purchased at "Fancy Tiger", our premiere indie craft store here in Denver.

These hats are made with doubled yarn, and water felted flowers, and are available at a local beauty salon called "Bliss".

Last I checked they were still available. My friend who works there says that they are too big for most of the women who try them on. I guess a lot of little headed ladies are clients there.

If they don't sell at the salon soon, I will put them in my esty store :)~xoxi

Monday, November 16, 2009


It's official I am a knit-aholic. I have been having so much fun with my new medium.I have even learned to cable knit:) Scarf lette's are wonderful, they can have so much flavor, and yet they don't take a year to finish. This is the one with the cable, is made with a wool blend, and has a crocheted ruffle, and a gorgeous water felted flower

The next one is my first scarflette, the one from an earlier post. It has a leather flower accent.

And introducing...the Cowl Hood Scarf!
This one is soo versitile, it can be pulled down over the tops of the shoulders, and makes a gorgeous cowl.

For more pics go to
~xoxi craft

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

if you love me you should buy me this...

please send to Faatma...immediately.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This pomegranate tickled my taste buds...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My crafty sista, Faatma recently taught me how to knit. Once upon a time, long long ago, I taught her to crochet, and she returned the favor. I was a crochet snob, and didn't want to learn. I am fast and furious with a crochet needle, so much so that I actually injured my wrist. I was desperate for some fiber craft, and thought that knitting wouldn't impact my wrist in the same way that crochet does.

But surprise- surprise, I really dig it. If the yarn is chunky and the needles are fat, I can move a project along at enjoyable pace. So, lo and behold...

The Scarflette, with a leather flower accent.

I just put in my etsy shop...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yarn Bombing is Hottness!

Strange yet wonderful

~xoxi craft

Sweet Life Craft Show

The CraftMobb table at the Living the Sweet Life craft show...

Friday, November 6, 2009


let me just preface, I do spend a good amount of time online, but some folks live here. And while I live in the extra sunny city of Denver, I WILL be out of doors whenever the weather permits...which is most days.

As the seasons change and cold weather visits us daily there are a number of events and thangs all over my city and all over the wilderness of North America geared at keeping folks warm over the cold months. Honestly y'all we are spoiled in North America. So lets act like we lets just CARE about our human family and support the food, clothes and shelter drives as best we can.

At my crib we go thru our closets seasonally and purge and donate to friends, family and to clothes drives... sometimes Lalania and I even donate our creations. This year we found this @

"There are a bunch of refugee craftswomen living and working in camps along the Thailand/Burmese border. They make and sell lovely stuff to earn a wage and support their families, and the great news is it's fair trade. But when December/January rolls around, they get cold, which can cause illness and other disruptions to their work, and therefore their income. Claire @ Warm Women wants to do something about it, and she wants people like you and me to help out by making a scarf to send along to our chilly Karen refugee friends."

....SO... do it with us! we'll post pics of the scarves we make and send and you should too. Take pics of your creations and email them to us at

Peace to all the human families.

Faatma (r)evolve wear

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


People are constantly combing through Etsy and other sites with a single search term, a one word tag: owl.

What is this fascination, this addiction so many of us have?
Owls have a certain mystery...

"Owls know when to move silently and when to be still, which makes them the keepers of secrets. These solitary birds don't feel the need to proclaim their presence to anyone until the timing is right. Owl comes to us when we need to open our eyes, and study the situation at hand. If we watch and listen with our inner selves we can figure out what is happening behind the scenes, and confront those who are trying to deceive us at the appropriate time." -from

I make plush owls quite often. The larger ones are pillow sized and make funky couch and bed decor. The small ones are just irresistable, and they sell like hotcakes. I use bright prints, often designer fabrics, which I purchase on Etsy (Denver doesn't have the best fabric selection), felt, and funky buttons. I currently have several for sale at BridgeWater Arts, in Boston. And I just finished making a bunch for an upcoming craft show.

I will definitely post a
Baby Owlie tutorial, some day soon...

~xoxi craft

Monday, November 2, 2009

recent thredz...

(click on pic to see enlarged images)
Things I made day before yesterday for my peoples... I do feel a lil wierd that all these reflections r taken in my bedroom and I spose I didn't hafta tell you that... ha! on the top left is my dragontwin Letitia wearing the EwokSexy cropped top with gigantor hoodie, my sis in-law 2 b Dom, wearin' perty hatscarf combo with flowa' bells, and my lil bro Manifest rockin a black and yellow star crown for his fly loc's... I told'ya ...we stitch it up 'round heya!
Faa (r)evolve
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Bed Buddies?

I just looove creatures.
This photo was from an event called 'a Pile of Craft' put on by the Charm City Craft Mafia in Baltimore. Maybe the Craft Mobb should get down with the Craft Mafia?
(This pic is from Amber in Norfolk's flicker photostream)
~xoxi craft

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Ruminations in Fiber

Craftmobbin everyweek at an undisclosed location... we build on bidness, children, men, money and of course craft... I made a crown (not decided if its for sale or not) and she made 'lil owls and pieced together scraps for a doll dress...

some days there's drank involved (coffee lightly sweetened with agave nectar)... other days smoke (american spirit in the yellow pack)... always 3rd eye visions (big ups to Heiroglyphics for that album) and always some science meets magic type epiphinating in craft...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

soul flower pincushion

As winter fast approaches I find myself increasingly busier, (I am not complaining, crafty fiend that I am). I needed a break from the production line, and decided to make a little somethin’ just for me. I love felt & embroidery, so when I picked up Donna Koolers -Kool Felt Embroidery, I knew it was on. I enlarged the pattern quite a bit, and added my own flavor. It rarely leaves my side. ~ xoxi craft

Friday, October 30, 2009

here we go....

Peace... we b the Craft Mobb. 2 Sistas who get they craft on.... we do it b'cus we love it and were here to show you how its done. Let's go!