Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mash (little headed ladies and more...)

Dang! It has been a minute since I have sat my butt down here at the computer to write a CraftMobb post. My apologies! Chrismas had me crazy, I was doin' craft shows, and making presents, working my 40 hr a week desk job, and being a mommy and daddy to my 5 year old. WHEW!

These are a few of the items I made over the last month...

This hood is 100% wool! It's made from soft delicious (and pricey) yarn that I purchased at "Fancy Tiger", our premiere indie craft store here in Denver.

These hats are made with doubled yarn, and water felted flowers, and are available at a local beauty salon called "Bliss".

Last I checked they were still available. My friend who works there says that they are too big for most of the women who try them on. I guess a lot of little headed ladies are clients there.

If they don't sell at the salon soon, I will put them in my esty store :)~xoxi


  1. Glorious hats! (although I'm looking at them, while busily sweltering from the heat in this part of the world). Um, when you discover the secret to the 27 hour day (just through necessity, it's sure to happen), could you let me in on things?

  2. I am working on a fail safe, curtains-of-time- parting spell for crafters...:)