Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fabric Faves

True Up! is a sweet fabric blog and they are hosting a Favorite Fabrics of 09' contest. I am a fabric wh%re, wow that sounds so indelicate, but its true! So it was fun to go back and dig through my favorite fabrics of last year.

- Favorite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection- Heather Baily’s Pop Garden
- Favorite Home Decor Weight Fabric or Collection- Amy Butlers Nigella
- Favorite Trend (Motifs)- Jane Sassaman Teasel and Lace
- Favorite Trend (Colors)-Michael Miller Pod Posy Line
- Favorite Novelty Print – Alexander Henry’s New Earth
- Favorite Floral Print –Erin McMorris, Sophie’s Garden/ Wildwood Collection
- Favorite Print from [JAPAN]- Kokka Japan, Little Miss, Gray, 1 Yard
- Favorite Reproduction Print or Collection- Timeless Treasures
- Favorite Fabric Shop- Etsy
- Favorite New Fabric You Worked With in 2009- Patty Young Mezzanine Collection

To see these collections, or any others, dig around on etsy, or even ebay. The city of Denver doesn't have the finest fabric collections, so I usually shop online. Though many groovy designer fabrics can be found at the indie craft shop Fancy Tiger.

Check out True Up!

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