Saturday, January 23, 2010

sweater maddness! Felting!

Inspired by the book Sweater Chop Shop, by Crispina French, and buy all the wool recycling goings on on Etsy these days, I went out and bought 8 wool sweaters of varying thicknesses. Some were merino, others lambs wool, some blends, others 100% percent. I began by felting them, washing them in hot water, and then drying on medium. This is what they looked like felted and ready.
I spent hours imagining the possibilities, and finally dove in with a pair of scissors. I decided to begin with a wrap sweater, so far I am using three different sweaters, and will likely pull in another one or maybe two before its over.

It was kinda scary, cutting them up. The peacock blue one was a delicious Banana Republic merino. But it is an adventure! I will post the finished product when through.

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