Saturday, January 9, 2010

Serpent Warrior- art doll

I have always been in love with mythical creatures. A secret part of me believes I am descended from fairies, ancient magical ancestors. I often try to discern the magical linage of those around me by observing their physical forms as well as mannerisms, or speech patterns, etc... It makes sense then, that I would often draw and create creatures with strange features.

I remember the first doll I made,I was five or six years old. It was a Christmas gift for my younger sister. The doll was fashioned from crude tubes cranked out of a children's knitting machine. When she opened it she howled with laughter. My mom took a photo right at that very second, and that moment has been made immortal.

I have been making dolls ever since, I wish now that I had the forethought to document with pictures along the way. Alas, I have a have a blurred trail of doll memories on which to draw upon.

The Serpent Warrior Goddess draws upon my talent and love for doll making, and my connection to other dimensions/realities/lifetimes. Her face is polymer, a material I haven't touched for years, though have always had an affinity for. This was also my first attempt at ball joints, which I found, are quite simple. I used glass beads for the joints, I needed something decorative, I wanted the arms exposed. The body is machine and hand-sitched cotton fabric. She has a leather wrap top and a lace headress with ostrich and peacock feather bits. Her staff has a smooth rose quartz stone. She measures 10" tall.
I so enjoyed existing in her world during manifestation. She is one of my most curious creations.
There are more pictures at my store.

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